Accessibility Infrastructure updates

Innes Ward is home to many senior residents who are choosing to remain in the community. Providing accessible infrastructure is a priority to ensure that seniors and residents with mobility restrictions continue to enjoy everything our community has to offer.

In our Ward, there are multiple projects underway, or just completed that will add to the accessibility of our beautiful neighbourhood.

A few examples include:

  • Benches located along multi-use pathways, sidewalks, nature trails, and connecting to the new Chapel Hill South Park and Ride
  • Tactile Walking Surface Indicators installed as part of road repaving projects across the Ward
  • Blackburn Arena expansion commencing in 2020 will ensure this important community hub meets accessibility needs
  • Signage advising motorists of areas where many older adults reside
  • Altered pedestrian crossing signals at Pagé Road and Innes Road to allow more time for seniors to cross the street safely

By 2031, seniors will make up 22 per cent of Ottawa’s population. It is important we continue to improve our city infrastructure to provide a safe, mobility-friendly community for Innes Ward residents of all ages.