LRT Stage 2 update

O-Train Trillium Line South Extension

  • Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF)
  • In coordination with OC Transpo Rail Operations, preparatory works such as surveying, clean up, trackwork and fencing are underway at the future site of the new Walkley Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility.
  • Tree clearing will take place in early September within the footprint of the new MSF.
  • Building excavation for the Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) is anticipated in late September
  • Top soil removal is currently taking place between Uplands Drive and Airport Station along with culvert installation and embankment construction
  • Uplands Structures Yard set up is complete and being utilized to support ongoing construction activities.
  • Delivery of Trillium Line rail has commenced and will arrive later this month.
  • Utility investigations using CCTV cameras in storm infrastructure along various areas of the alignment is ongoing.
  • Caisson drilling is currently underway at Uplands Drive to support the construction of the future bridge structure.

O-Train Confederation Line East Extension

  • Tree clearing along Ottawa Road 174 between Blair and Green’s Creek is anticipated to begin in September.
  • Borehole drilling is currently underway along OR 174 between Blair Road & Trim Road (night work)
  • East site office and day-to-day yard set up (Montreal Road and OR 174)
  • Office trailer installation is currently underway
    This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line East construction activities, targeting occupation at the end of September
    • Pre-construction surveys
  • East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity to the project. They will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to construction.

O-Train Confederation Line West Extension

  • Tree clearing underway at demolition properties and is expected to begin in October at several priority areas including Iris Station to Baseline Station, Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility (LMSF) area, and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway area.
    • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (SJAM) Cut and Cover Tunnel Preparatory Works
  • SJAM is shifting north to accommodate the space required to construct a cut-and-cover tunnel between Dominion Station and Cleary Avenue
  • Off-peak lane reductions between Dominion Avenue and Cleary Avenue are anticipated in late October, although bidirectional traffic will be maintained at all times
  • Gravel spreading is currently underway within the SJAM median.
  • West site office and day-to-day yard set up (Baseline Road and Navaho Drive)
  • Utility installation is complete and water connection is pending
  • Granular pad installation is complete and office trailers are arriving on site
  • This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line West construction activities
  • Building demolition is scheduled to occur in September 2019 within the project limits:
  • On the east side of Connaught Avenue between Severn Avenue and Hanlon Avenue (three houses)
  • On Richmond Road, east of Cleary Avenue (one strip mall)
  • Crews will be commencing preparatory activities such as decommissioning utilities and site fencing in early September.
  • Rochester Field:
  • Archeological investigation efforts have concluded at Rochester Field, and an archaeological report is currently being finalized for the NCC
  • In the coming weeks this are will transition to a laydown site
  • Borehole drilling is currently underway in the following locations:
  • Transitway near Iris and Baseline
  • SJAM pavement boreholes in the median
  • Dominion Station
  • Borehole drilling is scheduled to occur at the following locations:
  • Lincoln Fields Tunnel Portal
  • Pinecrest Creek SWM Pond
  • Pre-construction surveys
  • East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity to the project. As indicated in the east update, DST will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to the start of construction.

Brian Coburn Extension Update

Today, city staff have come back with an update on the Brian Coburn Extension project. I am pleased to see progress on this very important file, as Innes Ward both needs and deserves adequate roadway infrastructure for residents. I will continue to work with the community and city staff to ensure the needs of our community are being met.

The key points in this update are:

  • The expanded project scope, which includes the widening of Blair Road for combined bus only and high-occupancy vehicle lanes.
  • The short-listing of the roadway and Bus Rapid Transit proposals from seven to four viable options.
  • The evaluation criteria for the four remaining options developed in consultation with the NCC.

Staff have additionally advised that the next steps for this project will include further community consultations, with an additional open house expected to take place this fall. During this consultation period, they will present the following information:

  • Evaluation and assessment of the four roadway and bus rapid transit ultimate options and the recommended option.
  • Recommended short-term and affordable Transit Priority solutions (Chapel Hill Park and Ride to Blair Road at Innes Road).
  • Recommended design options for the Blair Road widening for Transit Priority.

For more information on this project, including plans highlighting the four shortlisted options, please visit:

Federal government adds $1 Million to planned arena renovation

Today, the federal government announced it was joining the City of Ottawa and providing $1 million towards the renovation and expansion of the Blackburn Arena. This renovation is a key infrastructure renewal project for the City, one that invests in the local community to make the arena a more inclusive and functional space. With the federal government providing $1 million, the City of Ottawa is providing the balance of approximately $4 million for the total $5 million project.

 “As a city, we need to continue to invest in our community facilities. The arena is a true community hub, where families have come to play sports and participate in events for decades. These investments in our community’s social assets are just as important as other city infrastructure projects, and today’s announcement ensures that we are leaving a legacy to future generations,” said Innes Ward Councillor Laura Dudas.

The Blackburn Arena renovation is the product of much community consultation and negotiation with the different levels of government. The renovation will include two alternate needs rooms, four new dressing rooms, a community multi-purpose space for events, and an expanded front lobby. The proposed project is expected to begin construction in summer of 2020

Still currently in the design phase, the renovation of the Blackburn Arena is expected to be completed in mid-2021.

LRT Stage 1 Update

Today, I have been updated with news from OC Transpo having received a submission from Rideau Transit Group (RTG), which in their opinion have reached substantial completion on the Stage-1 Light Rail Transit (LRT) project.

The current status of the LRT project is that the train will undergo 12 days of rigorous testing by an independent certifier to ensure any deficiencies are corrected by the transit consortium.

The purpose of the testing will be to address :

  • Safety
  • Operational testing (Travel times for peak and off-peak period)
  • Maintenance activities
  • Vehicle performance
  • Customer care systems testing

During this testing period trains will possibly not be moving on tracks, however testing is being done on other portions of the project. Upon completion of the testing period, if successful, RTG will handover the project to the City of Ottawa to continue testing procedures as part of its agreement to reach Revenue service availability.

Residents’ tips for enjoying your green bin experience

The city has struggled for years to increase usage of the green bin. A recent social media post I made about the green bin resulted a multitude of tips from Ottawa residents on how they have successfully adopted the green bin as a way of life and dealt with the “ick factor”.

Here are a few of their suggestions:

  • Freezing scraps leading up to pick-up day and putting the scraps in the night before 
  • Keep your green bin indoors and out of direct sunlight to prevent “cooking” of compost 
  • Use lawn clippings and plant matter to cover scraps to reduce the smell 
  • Use old cardboard or cereal boxes to encase scraps – then place them in the bin 
  • Put weeds at the bottom of compost bin so your scraps will have less likelihood of sticking to the bottom 
  • Use compostable bags to hold your scraps  
  • Mix in used coffee grinds to reduce the amount of smell from your green bin 
  • Waxed cups and paper cups are able to hold scraps as a container and are allowed in the green bin 
  • Wrapping your scraps in newspaper and mail flyers