Brian Coburn Boulevard Extension and Cumberland Transitway Presentation and Update

City staff provided an update on the Brian Coburn Boulevard Extension and Cumberland Transitway at a recent public open house. As part of the presentation, staff noted the significant benefits of Option 7 in comparison to the other options.

The Option 7 extension to Renaud would be built on disused, already clear-cut, agricultural lands next to the existing hydro corridor; as well as would avoid crossing the deeper Mud Creek Valley and the Core Natural Area as found under Options 1 through 4, or increasing the volume on the Blackburn Bypass as found in Options 5 and 6.

Option 7 is supported by many, as it is hundreds of millions of dollars cheaper than the other options, runs north of the Mer Bleue Bog and is advocated for by the Friends of Mer Bleue (FOMB), as well as is backed by many local community associations across the east end.

You may find the presentation from the open house below, where it includes in-depth information prepared by the City on the extension, including maps, backgrounders, the evaluation criteria, and the possible next steps.