Update: Lépine Development – D02-02-19-0060

I wanted to provide you with an update on the rezoning and site plan application, D02-02-19-0060, commonly referred to as the Lépine development.

Through hundreds of emails and during my town hall in August, the community made absolutely clear that it is not supportive of this application. The City’s planner has since relayed these concerns to the developer. Following receipt of the comments, the applicant, Groupe Lépine has gone over the City and filed an appeal with Local Planning Appeals Tribunal, a provincial level tribunal that hears cases related to land-use matters across Ontario. Lépine’s claim to the tribunal is that the City failed to make a “timely” decision on the zoning amendment.

As this file is now with LPAT and the provincial government, the submission is no longer being processed by the City or its planners. For more information about LPAT and this file, please see https://www.omb.gov.on.ca/ecs/CaseDetail.aspx?n=PL190493.

I sincerely want to thank you for your involvement and passion on this application. I have made no secret of my lack of support for the development as it is currently presented, and I remain hopeful that LPAT will share my concerns about the current designs. I will continue to provide updates to the community as I receive them.

Invitation: Chapel Hill Park and Ride Opening

Chapel Hill Park & Ride opens Sunday, October 27

The Chapel Hill Park & Ride, located at the northeast corner of Navan Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard, officially opens on Sunday at 7 a.m.

This Transit Hub will initially be served by routes 34 and 225, but allows for expansion and lays the framework for future transit service improvements for Innes Ward and the east end riders.

I will be joined by Mayor Jim Watson for an official ribbon cutting on Saturday October 26th at 10:30 A.M. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Inquiry to Staff – OC Transpo Bus System Reliability

At the October 23rd, 2019 City Council meeting, I am bringing forward an inquiry to City Staff to look into the inadequacies of the OC Transpo bus system since the launch of LRT Stage 1; and to come up with specific solutions to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

The level of bus service from OC Transpo has been completely unacceptable with over-crowded stations, packed buses, cancelled buses, and missing scheduled stops. This inquiry to City Staff directs them to produce clear and concise solutions to improve the transit service levels throughout the City and bring the service up to a level that residents expect.

Ward Infrastructure Improvements

Projects in progress or complete

Multi-use pathways

  • Des Grives Crescent to Toulouse Crescent
  • Toulouse Crescent to Belval Crescent
  • Orleans Blvd to Kamouraska Circle
  • Gaultois Ave to Orleans Blvd


  • Meadowglen Dr – Meadowhill Crescent East to Forest Valley Drive
  • St. Joseph resurfacing
  • Anderson Road (South of Renaud)
  • Beausejour resurfacing
  • Eastpark Drive

Infrastructure upgrades

  • Delorme pumping station
  • Chapel Hill Park and Ride

Park updates

  • Ruisseau Park – Renewal
  • Blackburn Hamlet Splash Pad – Ongoing
  • August Park – Opened September 26
  • Champagne Park – opened July 6
  • Spring Valley Trails Park – Ongoing
  • Bench on Carriere
  • Bench in Chapel Hill South – Brian Coburn Blvd & Page Rd

Stage 2 LRT update


Preparatory activities (borehole drilling, top soil stripping, site office mobilization, pre-construction surveys, tree clearing, etc.) are currently underway on each O-Train extension.

O-Train Trillium Line South Extension

  • Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF)
    – In coordination with OC Transpo Rail Operations, preparatory works such as surveying, clean up, trackwork and fencing are underway at the future site of the new Walkley Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility.
    – Foundation excavation for the future Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) is currently underway.
  • Top soil removal is currently taking place between Uplands Drive and Airport Station along with culvert installation and embankment construction
  • Uplands Structures Yard set up is complete and being utilized to support ongoing construction activities.
  • 3200 metric tonnes of rail has arrived in the Port of Prescott. Rail will be delivered to Ottawa by truck this fall.
  • Caisson drilling is currently underway at Uplands Drive to support the construction of the future bridge structure.

O-Train Confederation Line East Extension

  • Tree clearing along Ottawa Road 174 between Blair and Green’s Creek is underway.
  • East site office and day-to-day yard set up (Montreal Road and OR 174)
    – Office trailer installation is nearly complete with utility connections underway.
    – This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line East construction activities, targeting occupation in October.
  • Pre-construction surveys
    – East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity to the project. They will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to construction.

O-Train Confederation Line West Extension

  • Tree clearing will begin in October at several priority areas including Iris Station to Baseline Station, Moodie Light Maintenance and Storage Facility (LMSF) area, and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway area.
  • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (SJAM) Cut and Cover Tunnel Preparatory Works
    – Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway is shifting north to accommodate the space required to construct a cut-and-cover tunnel between Dominion Station and Cleary Avenue.
    – Off-peak lane reductions between Dominion Avenue and Cleary Avenue are anticipated in late October, although bidirectional traffic will be maintained at all times.
    – Gravel spreading, watering and compaction are currently underway
    – Crews have commenced asphalt spreading in areas where compaction has been completed.
  • West site office and day-to-day yard set up (Baseline Road and Navaho Drive)
    – Granular pad installation is complete and most of the office trailers have arrived on site.
    – This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line West construction activities.
  • Building demolition is currently underway within the project limits:
    – On the east side of Connaught Avenue between Severn Avenue and Hanlon Avenue (three houses).
    – On Richmond Road, east of Cleary Avenue (one strip mall).
    – Crews have commenced preparatory activities such as tree removal, decommissioning utilities and site fencing.
  • Borehole drilling is currently underway in the following locations:
    – Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway nearby Churchill
    – Dominion Station
  • Borehole drilling is scheduled to occur at the following locations:
    – Lincoln Fields Tunnel Portal
    – Pinecrest Creek SWM Pond
    – Tunney’s Pasture Station
  • Pre-construction surveys
    – East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity to the project. As indicated in the east update, DST will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to the start of construction.

Exciting news: the LRT is now open!

It is incredibly exciting that the LRT Stage 1 is launching. With the initial public launch taking place over the weekend, riders will get the chance to become familiar with the Confederation Line, the trains, and the brand new stations.

However the real test is Monday, when thousands of OC Transpo riders will be taking their first commute into work and school. With that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to share some tools from OC Transpo which can help ease the transition on to the new LRT.

Rest assured that residents will have the plenty of opportunity to become familiar with the new system, and the existing bus routes will continue to run alongside the LRT until October 6. After that time, most of the routes through downtown will be discontinued, and new neighborhood routes will serve the surrounding communities and feed into the new LRT stations.

Route changes : https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/new-transit-service/my-route/

Neighbourhood services: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/my-trip/station-neighbourhoods/ottawa-east

Where to buy fare: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/fares-tickets/where-will-i-buy-my-fare/

LRT Station explorer: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/designed-with-you-in-mind/my-station/

Trip changes: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/my-trip/how-will-it-change-my-trip/

Councillor to Table motion for additional Crossing guards

At today’s Transportation Committee, I will table a motion in support of the City of Ottawa funding all 16 warranted crossing guard positions as identified necessary by the City.

The City of Ottawa provides crossing guard services for children going to elementary schools at intersections that have met the criteria laid out by the Transportation Services Department with the City of Ottawa.

Today, I am asking that the City fund all the crossings that have met the necessary criteria, and warrant a crossing guard, as funding 10 out of the 16 locations seems to be a relatively arbitrary cut-off.