Provide input on new park name in Chapel Hill South

The community has an opportunity to name a new park which connects Chapel Hill South to the new development by Caivan. While this park is currently named after the Caivan development where it is located, residents have until July 29th to suggest potential new names and may do so by filling out the form below.

Following the close of the survey, suggested names will be vetted by the City.

Update on LRT Stage 1

Based on news received at this morning’s Finance and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO), I am cautiously optimistic that the LRT Stage 1 will be ready for transfer to the City of Ottawa in early August. I will continue to take RTG to task and hold them accountable for their performance and delivery on this project.

I am sharing the presentation received at FEDCO, which includes information about the remaining project timelines, and steps for transitioning to LRT from bus rapid transit.

As the city prepares to launch LRT service, I encourage riders visit to understand the upcoming changes to their daily transit routes.

I look forward to having Innes ward residents on board the train soon.

Stage 2 LRT Project Update

June 24, 2019 to July 7, 2019


  • Preparatory activities (borehole drilling, silt fence installation, site office mobilization, pre-construction surveys, etc.) are currently underway on each O-Train extension to facilitate the commencement of Stage 2 construction activities in 2019.

O-Train Trillium Line South Extension

  • Uplands Structures Yard set up
    • Spreading of gravel, temporary road construction, and fence installation has been completed at Uplands Structures Yard Drive (north of the EY Centre, east of Uplands Drive)
    • This yard will be used for the coordination of Airport Link construction activities
  • Laydown areas will be established within close proximity to the Trillium Line near the Bowesville Road and Uplands Drive. Crews will begin with the installation of temporary concrete barriers (TCBs) at each location.
  • Silt fence installation
    • Crews have commenced the installation of 30,000 metres of silt fence along the perimeter of the Trillium Line O-Train south extension from Greenboro Station to terminus stations (Airport Station & Limebank Station). To date, approximately 40% of the work has been completed.
  • Stump pulling and grinding along the Trillium Line South extension between Hunt Club Road and Limebank Road/Uplands Drive is anticipated to be completed in mid-July
    • Once complete, crews will begin stripping lands (i.e. topsoil removal) later this summer to further prepare for the construction activities
  • Noise and Vibration monitoring
    • Baseline noise and vibration monitoring is taking place at properties near the Trillium Line alignment to ensure that construction and rail activities comply with applicable regulations and requirements
  • Ongoing works at the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
    • Hydrovacing near future guideway structures is now complete.
    • In coordination with the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Authority (OMCIAA), crews will begin fencing off the Airport lands where work is occurring.

O-Train Confederation Line East Extension

  • Borehole drilling is currently underway at the following locations:
    • Montreal Road & OR 174 Interchange
    • Montreal Flyover
    • OR 174 median lanes (night work) between Blair Road & Trim Road
  • Borehole drilling is anticipated to begin near Trim Road
  • East day-to-day work yard set up
    • Work to commence in early July to construct granular pad near Montreal Road and OR 174 to support temporary modular trailer complex, parking spaces and a day-to-day yard
    • This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line East construction activities
  • Pre-construction surveys
    • East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity of construction activities in the zone of influence. They will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to construction.

O-Train Confederation Line West Extension

  • Borehole drilling currently underway in the following locations:
    • Lincoln Fields Station
    • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (nearby Cleary Avenue)
  • Borehole drilling is anticipated to begin near New Orchard Station in early July
  • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Cut and Cover Tunnel Preparatory Works
    • The Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) Parkway is shifting north to accommodate the space required to construct a cut-and-cover tunnel between Dominion Station and Cleary Avenue
    • Tree clearing north of the SJAM and within the median (phase 1) is now complete. Further tree clearing activities will take place south of the SJAM (phase 2) after Oct 1 (start date TBD)
    • Crews will start preparatory activities to realign the SJAM the week of July 2 (including fencing, installing temporary concrete barriers, stripping topsoil, etc.).
    • From Tuesday, July 2 to October 2019, Sir John A MacDonald Parkway will have off-peak lane reductions between Dominion Avenue and Cleary Avenue. Eastbound and Westbound traffic will be maintained at all times.
    • The City of Ottawa continues to coordinate with the NCC’s Public Affairs Office to provide appropriate public notification (PVMS, resident notices, web updates, etc.)
    • Crews are targeting to have the east bound lanes completed by this fall and the west bound lanes complete by spring 2020
  • West day-to-day work yard set up
    • Work to commence in July to construct granular pad near Baseline Road and Navaho Drive/Transitway to support temporary modular trailer complex, parking spaces and a day-to-day yard.
    • This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line West construction activities.
  • Building demolition
    • Building demolition is scheduled to occur in September 2019 within project limits:
      • On the east side of Connaught Avenue between Severn Avenue and Hanlon Avenue (three houses)
      • On Richmond Road, east of Cleary Avenue (one strip mall).
  • Pre-construction surveys
    • East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity of construction activities in the zone of influence. As indicated in the east update, DST will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to construction.

Communications & Stakeholder Relations:

  • Confederation Line East & West Corridor Wide Notices
  • East-West Connectors (EWC) have distributed corridor wide notices to properties near the Confederation Line East and West extensions
  • These notices provide an overview of all Stage 2 LRT implementation activities taking place in 2019 between July and December. The notices are available online by visiting

Residents’ tips for enjoying your green bin experience

The city has struggled for years to increase usage of the green bin. A recent social media post I made about the green bin resulted a multitude of tips from Ottawa residents on how they have successfully adopted the green bin as a way of life and dealt with the “ick factor”.

Here are a few of their suggestions:

  • Freezing scraps leading up to pick-up day and putting the scraps in the night before 
  • Keep your green bin indoors and out of direct sunlight to prevent “cooking” of compost 
  • Use lawn clippings and plant matter to cover scraps to reduce the smell 
  • Use old cardboard or cereal boxes to encase scraps – then place them in the bin 
  • Put weeds at the bottom of compost bin so your scraps will have less likelihood of sticking to the bottom 
  • Use compostable bags to hold your scraps  
  • Mix in used coffee grinds to reduce the amount of smell from your green bin 
  • Waxed cups and paper cups are able to hold scraps as a container and are allowed in the green bin 
  • Wrapping your scraps in newspaper and mail flyers 

Update regarding rink chalets proposed for Bradley Ridge and Patrick Dugas parks

Thank you again to residents who came out to share their thoughts regarding the proposed rink chalets for Bradley Ridge and Patrick Dugas parks during the last two public consultations. Please see below for the updated FAQ. Reminder that you can still provide feedback by emailing until June 28.

Community input it essential and Councillor Laura Dudas looks forward to hearing from the community and working with residents on the making of this project. The goal of this proposed project is to support the work that is being done by providing funding to provide skate changing and storage shelters for one or both parks. These shelters are currently being used at a few parks in other areas of the city. If installed in our parks, not only would they be maintained and operated by the city, they are also durable and multi-purpose. 

Next steps for Innes ward in light of LRT delay

Laura Dudas Quartier Innes Ward

The update received today from OC Transpo today indicating that the light rail train will not launch by July 1 is utterly disappointing and completely unacceptable.

The consortium building the train have not met the requirements set by the city for handover, specifically in relation to vehicle completion, and have once again, caused the delay of launching the system.

The city will continue to withhold payment to the RTG consortium and will be deducting the costs incurred by the city due to the delay.

However, as a Councillor and as a transit rider, I recognize and also feel the pain this is causing bus riders in Innes Ward and across the city. Accepting a train that is not perfect is not an option, but as a city we need to find ways to provide relief to residents in the interim.

I will be:
• supporting a motion to continue to freeze transit fares past July 1
• working with OC Transpo to determine any route improvements that can be taken immediately to reduce issues caused by detours and delays
• working to ensure 174/Innes detour is the first detour removed once LRT Stage 1 is up and running

I will continue to speak with bus riders and residents about what this delay will mean to our current service and will provide updates as they become available.

Councillor’s Corner – Heart of Orléans BIA The Beat June Issue

Published June 2, 2019

The east end is awash in greenspaces, sports and recreational facilities, and multi-use pathways.

For many of us, it’s the very reason why we chose to establish roots here and raise our families here.

My first recollection of the east end after moving to Ottawa nearly two decades ago, was the many tree-lined streets and the tranquility of the park networks that link communities.

All year-round, the large swaths of natural areas in the east end, such as the Mer Bleue Bog or the Greenbelt, are gateways to nature, wildlife, and a peaceful oasis we can all use to escape our hectic daily lives.

There are many untapped tourism, economic and recreational opportunities associated with our greenspaces. In particular, there are promotional and tourism opportunities associated with the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail and the multi-use path running alongside the Ottawa River. In the case of the Ottawa River pathways, Ski Heritage East and ParkRun are tapping into the all-seasons potential this path holds by grooming the trails for cross-country skiing, fat bikes, runners and walkers.

We are also very fortunate to have top-notch sports facilities in our midst, including the fully accessible and inclusive Miracle League of Ottawa baseball diamond and playground on Navan Road, and the Hornets Nest soccer fields on Bearbrook Road, to name just a couple.

A true gem is Heritage Park, which provides dog owners with picturesque off-leash pathways through wooded areas and an outdoor space that doubles as a community hub.

Whether it’s the Forest Valley Trails, Bilberry Creek, Green’s Creek or any of the other greenspaces in the east end, greenspaces play an essential role in who we are as a community.

Ottawa East Deserves a Federal Employment Campus

OTTAWA — Shawn Hamilton, Managing Director of CBRE, called on the federal government today to shift a portion of its office space into Orléans, closer to where a significant portion of its workforce lives. Hamilton was addressing a group of business leaders at the annual CBRE Real Estate Market Outlook event in Ottawa.

Every workday, the Orléans community exports most of its workforce. During peak hours, in the morning, Orléans sees a surging outflux of their residents — an estimated 80 per cent exiting versus 20 per cent entering Orléans — to travel to work. The opposite holds true in the evening hours.

“Ottawa’s east end is home to a significant number of federal government employees who are required to commute to their jobs in other areas of the city,” said Laura Dudas, City Councillor for Innes Ward and Deputy Mayor, City of Ottawa. “The City of Ottawa’s substantial investment in extending light rail transit (LRT)to Trim Road must be used as the catalyst for bringing federal jobs east, reducing commute times, easing traffic congestion, and providing environmentally sustainable transportation options. Now is the time for the Federal Government to take note of this opportunity and establish a workspace in the east.”

The statements were applauded by the Capital 2020 Task Force, a group of volunteer business leaders on both sides of the Ottawa river, who are promoting strong economic development in the National Capital Region, and a federal employment campus in Orléans.

“We need to capitalize on our bilingual, highly-educated workforce in Orléans,” said Doug Feltmate, Sub-committee Chair of Orléans Employment on the Capital 2020 Task Force. “With Ottawa surpassing one million people on June 1st this year, it’s time for the federal government to do the right thing and support an employment hub in Orléans.”

The Capital 2020 Task Force has prioritized the issue, citing the fact that every area in the National Capital Region has sustained growth in population, employment and diversity — except for the east end communities of Ottawa.

The Capital 2020 Task Force, local business owners and private sector employees, have raised serious concerns that the new light rail transit scheduled for completion in 2025, will be empty coming in to Orléans except at rush hour in the early evening.

“Orléans is ready to be the home of a Government of Canada collaborative workspace,” agreed Mathew Luloff, City Councillor for Orléans and Deputy Mayor of Ottawa. “Thousands of our residents spend precious hours away from their families sitting on the highway in traffic, forced to cross the Greenbelt twice a day. Together, we can change that. With five LRT stops coming, a new Community Improvement Plan in the works and significant attention being paid to economic development, the table is set for public servants to have a productive, inclusive and collaborative work environment close to home.”

Please contact: Kathy Hendrick, 416-277-6281,,

– Capital 2020 Task Force

Innes Ward street sweeping and pothole filling update

Laura Dudas Quartier Innes Ward

In recent days, my office has received several requests for streets to be cleaned and pot holes to be filled. I want to provide residents with an update in regards to operations:

Street sweeping operations
Street sweepers are continuing to work on streets throughout the ward. City staff informed my office that there had been a delay with the service, but that work is resuming with the intention of have all, or most, ward streets cleaned within the next two weeks.

Pothole filling
The winter was particularly severe to sections of Innes Road. Crews will be out working to repair the damage over the coming week, weather permitting.

Although my office is flagging all streets and potholes that require attention to staff, please continue to file service requests via or by calling 3-1-1. This is the most effective means of alerting city maintenance crews to problem areas.

St. Joseph Resurfacing

Laura Dudas Quartier Innes Ward

As part of Councillor Laura Dudas’ 2019 budget commitment, there will be work done on St. Joseph Blvd. 

Traffic impacts:

  • No lane restrictions during peak commute times and weekends.
  • Some night work will be done to ensure the project is done as soon as possible for our community benefit.
  • The extent of the work will span Highway 174 to Prestone Drive. Certain sections of sidewalks will undergo renewal as part of this project.
  • Business is open as usual; please continue to support our local businesses.