Chapel Hill Park & Ride Open This Sunday

Press Release October 26, 2019

The Chapel Hill Park & Ride, located at the northeast corner of Navan Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard opens this weekend.

This important piece of transit infrastructure is long overdue, supports several bus routes, and lays the framework for future transit service improvements for Innes Ward and the east end.

“As the south west of Orléans has grown over the last decade, the supporting transit infrastructure has not kept pace,” said Innes Ward Councillor Laura Dudas. “This Park & Ride will connect hundreds of riders into the integrated transit system, and encourage more residents to get out of their cars.”

“This new Park & Ride in Chapel Hill will serve hundreds of existing and new transit users, who are helping us reduce congestion and air pollution,’’ said Mayor Jim Watson. “It greatly supports transit usage and LRT, and will help improve the commute of east-end residents for decades to come.”

This $8.5-million station features 263 no-charge parking spaces, accessible benches, tactile wayfinding strips, bus shelters, a bicycle shelter with racks, and a multi-use pathway. It is also equipped with emergency phones and CCTV cameras.

The station will also soon include public art, as well as charging units for electric vehicles.

This state-of-the-art Park & Ride incorporates modern environmental measures such as bio-retention basins that collect the stormwater from the site and treat it prior to discharge. Additionally, the station’s landscaping included the planting of more than 600 shrubs of various types, as well as native Red Oak and Morgan Red Maple trees.

This Park & Ride is an important first step towards a fully incorporated transit system for southern east-end residents. As the City moves forward with the Brian Coburn Extension and the supporting infrastructure, the Chapel Hill Park & Ride is an example of smart planning that works to integrate Ottawa communities with a sustainable and environmentally-conscious approach.