Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment and its application processes are separate and distinct from other municipal development approval processes, and one or more of these processes may occur at the same time.

The Committee of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial tribunal appointed by City Council and is independent and autonomous from the City Administration. It derives its jurisdiction from the Planning Act of Ontario and its mandate is to:

  • Consider and make decisions on applications for Minor Variances from the provisions of a Zoning By-law
  • Consider and make decisions on applications for Consent to “sever” a property, or for any agreement, mortgage or lease that extends for more than 21 years
  • Consider and make decisions on applications for Permission, which deal with the enlargement or extension of a building or structure that is legally non-conforming, or a change in non-conforming use
  • Consider and make decisions on applications for Validation of Title and Power of Sale

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The Committee consists of fifteen members, who are divided into three panels of five members each, and each panel hears applications for a different geographic area of the city.

Orléans West – Innes Ward is part of Panel 2 along with Barrhaven West, Kanata North, Bay, College, Knoxdale-Merivale, Gloucester-Southgate, Beacon Hill-Cyrville, Part of Rideau-Vanier, Part of Rideau-Rockcliffe, River, Part of Capital, Alta Vista, Part of Orléans South-Navan, Riverside South – Findlay Creek, Kanata South and Barrhaven East Wards.