Councillor’s Corner – Heart of Orléans BIA The Beat June Issue

Published June 2, 2019

The east end is awash in greenspaces, sports and recreational facilities, and multi-use pathways.

For many of us, it’s the very reason why we chose to establish roots here and raise our families here.

My first recollection of the east end after moving to Ottawa nearly two decades ago, was the many tree-lined streets and the tranquility of the park networks that link communities.

All year-round, the large swaths of natural areas in the east end, such as the Mer Bleue Bog or the Greenbelt, are gateways to nature, wildlife, and a peaceful oasis we can all use to escape our hectic daily lives.

There are many untapped tourism, economic and recreational opportunities associated with our greenspaces. In particular, there are promotional and tourism opportunities associated with the Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail and the multi-use path running alongside the Ottawa River. In the case of the Ottawa River pathways, Ski Heritage East and ParkRun are tapping into the all-seasons potential this path holds by grooming the trails for cross-country skiing, fat bikes, runners and walkers.

We are also very fortunate to have top-notch sports facilities in our midst, including the fully accessible and inclusive Miracle League of Ottawa baseball diamond and playground on Navan Road, and the Hornets Nest soccer fields on Bearbrook Road, to name just a couple.

A true gem is Heritage Park, which provides dog owners with picturesque off-leash pathways through wooded areas and an outdoor space that doubles as a community hub.

Whether it’s the Forest Valley Trails, Bilberry Creek, Green’s Creek or any of the other greenspaces in the east end, greenspaces play an essential role in who we are as a community.