Federal job growth opportunity on St. Joseph Boulevard in Innes Ward

I am excited to share that City Council has approved the RCMP’s application to amendment zoning and land designations at its 1426 St. Joseph Boulevard site to allow for future potential job growth, while also lessening impacts on the site’s forested Core Natural Area.

Today, Council approved the amendments, enabling the RCMP to align with the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Greenbelt Master Plan, and the RCMP Campus Master Plan.

Currently, the St. Joseph Boulevard location has approximately 850 employees and 27 buildings. Much of the site is heavily forested, and is used for technical and operational police functions and training. The federal government has used the property for military or police training, and related operations, since the Second World War.

While no immediate construction is proposed for the site, the RCMP’s Campus Master Plan speaks to potential growth opportunities on the property in the existing Built Area Overlay, while reducing intensive training activities and impacts on the Natural Link and Core Natural areas. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority provided comment on this designation and zoning change and offered no objections to the proposed amendments.

I look forward to continuing to work with our federal partnerships in identifying opportunities for job growth in Ottawa’s east end.