Orléans Family Health Clinic

Description: With our highly trained professional staff, we value your confidentiality and strive to provide all our patients with the finest service. Drop by our walk-in clinic or call to schedule an appointment with one of our outstanding doctors.
Address: 210 Centrum Boulevard, Suite 110, Orléans, Ont., K1E 3V7
Phone: (613) 830-1771

Orléans Urgent Care Clinic

Description: The Orléans Urgent Care Clinic (OUCC) is a free-standing privately owned facility operated by the Orléans Urgent Care Physician Associates. The OUCC is a walk-in medical clinic that deals with a full spectrum of medical and minor surgical problems.
Address: 1220 Promenade Place d’Orléans, Orléans, Ont., K1C 7K3
Phone: (613) 841-5389
Website: http://urgentcare.ca/

Clinique de médecine familiale St-Joseph

Description: La clinique de médecine familiale St-Joseph a été fondée en 1990 par trois médecins de famille pour servir non seulement leurs propres patients, mais aussi, la communauté.
Address: 2555 boul. St-Joseph, Orléans, Ont., K1C 1S6
Phone: (613) 830-1298
Website: http://www.orleansfamilymedicine.ca/

Orléans Centre for Marriage and Family

Description: Orléans Centre for Marriage and Family was founded in 1986. Since then over five thousand people have benefited from our services. Fees for services are negotiated at the end of the first session and are based on time spent in session and your financial resources. Our services are covered by many insurance companies.
Address: 2451 St. Joseph Blvd., Suite 220A, Ottawa, Ont., K1C 1E9
Phone: (613) 837-9868
Website: http://www.orleanscentreformarriageandfamily.com/

Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Description: The Royal is one of Canada’s foremost mental health care and academic health science centres. Our mandate is simple: to get more people living with mental illness into recovery faster.
Address: 1145 Carling Ave., Ottawa, Ont., K1Z 7K4
Phone: 1 (800) 987-6424
Website: http://www.theroyal.ca/
Website: http://www.orleanscentreformarriageandfamily.com/

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

Description: The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a major children’s hospital and university teaching hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, serving Eastern Ontario and western Quebec.
Address: 401 Smyth Rd., Ottawa, Ont., K1H 8L1
Phone: (613) 737-7600
Website: http://www.cheo.on.ca/

Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital

Description: We excel in the provision of evidence-based health care and services for the vulnerable and medically complex, with a focus on persons who require sub-acute, geriatric or palliative care.
Address: 43 Bruyère St., Ottawa, Ont., K1N 5C8
Phone: (613) 562-6262
Website: https://www.bruyere.org/