Do You Know a Hero of Innes?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all heard stories of loss, and of struggle for those having to physically isolate. Businesses have had to temporarily close or greatly alter their hours and level of service. Those at greater health risk have had to forego trips to the grocery store and are relying on family, friends or neighbours to get them supplies.


As well, there are those on the front lines. Whether providing healthcare or ensuring we are able to put food on our table, these men and women are facing the very real possibility of contracting this virus everyday.


I want to take a moment and recognize some of these Heroes. We have so many in our community who are putting others first, and working to ensure that their friends, neighbours, and complete strangers are being supported during these most difficult of times.


Do you know someone who has been stepping up to serve our community?  I want to hear from you!


Click the link below and nominate this person, group, or business, as a Hero of Innes. We are all so proud of the work being done so many in our community, let’s make sure that we recognize these great people!