OC Transpo is the City of Ottawa agency that provides transit services across Ottawa and into Gatineau, Quebec. Between the bus service, LRT, and Para Transpo, the system moves almost 340,000 riders per day around Ottawa.


Though founded in 1948, OC Transpo can trace its roots to Ottawa’s first public transit system, which began services in 1886 and relied on horses to move transit riders. From humble beginings with a single route, OC Transpo as grown to include 170 bus routes, 2 train lines, over 5,600 bus stops, 43 Bus Rapid Transit  and 17 LRT stations, and has a fleet of almost 1000 vehicles.

As the system continues to grow and expand, with out LRT system expanding to the East, the West, and the South, there are always new developments and updates. Check the posts below for more information on new OC Transpo and LRT news.

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