With recent reports that the City’s LRT has required train inspections and repairs that impacted service levels, I know many of you have questions about these incidents and about our City’s transit system in general. I also have questions for transit staff, it is of the utmost importance that our transit system be functional and prepared for back to school and work in the coming weeks.
In a recent memo from OC Transpo, the General Manager provided answers to some of these questions. I have published the memo below knowing that it provides substantial information about the LRT and the current situation. However, I recognize there are still lingering, unanswered questions for OC Transpo, which is why I am inviting you to email me your questions at Laura.Dudas@ottawa.ca so that I can seek answers directly from General Manager John Manconi and his staff. When I receive the responses, I will post them on here on my website.
Transparency and accountability are paramount in this process, and I want to ensure we receive answers and information to address our questions and concerns. I look forward to seeing your emails.