Renaud Road Safety and Traffic Management Update

As Ottawa continues to grow, and residential growth in the east end continues to expand, we are increasingly seeing quiet residential streets turning into arterial main streets, bustling with traffic. Renaud Road is a prime example of a road whose original purpose has changed significantly as our community has expanded.

That is why, as a city, we must ensure that we are regularly revisiting infrastructure planning, and ensuring that things like roadways are keeping pace with growth and remain safe for residents. As Ottawa adds new communities to the city, it’s important that once country roads, are not becoming major thoroughfares without the appropriate upgrades to go along with it.

As part of ensuring Renaud Road continues to evolve to meet our community’s traffic and safety needs, in the coming months there will be several road safety and management measures installed.

Renaud Road, from Mer Bleue Road to Navan Road

  • Speed humps (3 m wide and 80 mm high) will be installed between Penency Terrace and Glenlivet Ave. by the Richcraft/Minto/Ashcroft development partnership as part of an agreement with the City of Ottawa. This work is anticipated for August 2019 and the locations were selected based on consultation with the community.
  • Sidewalks and street lighting are planned (between Fern Casey St. and Ascender St.) as part of the Richcraft Phase 1 Development. The tentative timeline for this work is fall 2019.
  • This spring/summer the following measures will be implemented:
    • School Thermoplastic (two school zone signs embedded in the pavement, one eastbound and one westbound)
    • 40 km/h gateway signs will be installed this spring, covering an area that includes Page Rd. (north of Navan Rd. and south of Brian Coburn Blvd.), Contour St, Morningstar Way, Langelier Ave, Trailsedge Way, Tulip Tree Way, de la Melodie St., Penency Terr and Butterfly Walk.
  • There will continue to be a speed board, located east of the intersection of Renaud Rd. and Compass St., a “Slow Down for Us” sign facing westbound (west of Pin Cherry Grove), and community entrance sign facing westbound (intersection of Renaud Road and White Street).

Renaud Road, from Navan Road to Bradley Ridge Park

  • An Area Traffic Management Study is underway with the intent of bringing recommends to the public for input in spring 2019. This study considers permanent road safety and traffic management measures.
    • Once the final plan has been approved, it can take up to two years to receive funding and be added to the city’s workplan. As Councillor, I will work to hasten the process and ensure the funding is allocated.
  • 40 km/h gateway signs will be installed this spring for an area covering Percifor Way, Whispering Winds, Hillpark High St, Ziegler St, June Crt, Leita Place, Travis St and Jolley Cut Way.
  • Flex stakes between Saddleridge Dr. and Joshua St. will be returned to their previous locations this spring. The two speed boards along this stretch of road will remain in place.