Residents’ tips for enjoying your green bin experience

The city has struggled for years to increase usage of the green bin. A recent social media post I made about the green bin resulted a multitude of tips from Ottawa residents on how they have successfully adopted the green bin as a way of life and dealt with the “ick factor”.

Here are a few of their suggestions:

  • Freezing scraps leading up to pick-up day and putting the scraps in the night before 
  • Keep your green bin indoors and out of direct sunlight to prevent “cooking” of compost 
  • Use lawn clippings and plant matter to cover scraps to reduce the smell 
  • Use old cardboard or cereal boxes to encase scraps – then place them in the bin 
  • Put weeds at the bottom of compost bin so your scraps will have less likelihood of sticking to the bottom 
  • Use compostable bags to hold your scraps  
  • Mix in used coffee grinds to reduce the amount of smell from your green bin 
  • Waxed cups and paper cups are able to hold scraps as a container and are allowed in the green bin 
  • Wrapping your scraps in newspaper and mail flyers