The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented isolation and social- distancing measures, unseen in most of our lifetimes. Families have been self-isolating at home, and businesses across Ottawa and the country have been closing their doors in an effort to limit the spread. This impact on our local economy cannot be overstated. It is a cold reality, but however long these measures last, many of our local, small businesses will not be reopening, or if they do, it will be at diminished service levels.


Local businesses are key contributors to both the economy and the culture of our vibrant community here in the east end. It has always been important to support these businesses run by our friends and neighbours. This is especially true in 2020.


Businesses owned and operated by Ottawans provide economic resilience, by allowing funds to circulate and stay in our municipality (roughly $0.68 of each dollar spent), giving a much-needed boost during this uncertain time. This also puts an additional responsibility on us as consumers to support these businesses.


Many people have reached out to me, searching for ways to support local places, whether to grocery shop, order delivery and pick-up of meals, or other essential supplies; in response, below you will find links to many local business directories.


As a community, we have excelled at supporting our friends and neighbours. We have dropped off groceries, we have done wellness checks, and we have all committed to social distancing to keep each other safe. We must now also ask ourselves how we can support those who have made it their livelihood to provide us with the services and products that we make use of daily.


The directories below are compiled by local organizations and I encourage everyone to browse through them all and find ways to help support these businesses. As a community we must do our part to help ensure that they are able to continue to provide services after the crisis ends and our economy fully reopens.

For those business owners who are not listed in the directories, I would encourage you to also reach out to the groups and see about being added.