Update: Lépine Development – D02-02-19-0060

I wanted to provide you with an update on the rezoning and site plan application, D02-02-19-0060, commonly referred to as the Lépine development.

Through hundreds of emails and during my town hall in August, the community made absolutely clear that it is not supportive of this application. The City’s planner has since relayed these concerns to the developer. Following receipt of the comments, the applicant, Groupe Lépine has gone over the City and filed an appeal with Local Planning Appeals Tribunal, a provincial level tribunal that hears cases related to land-use matters across Ontario. Lépine’s claim to the tribunal is that the City failed to make a “timely” decision on the zoning amendment.

As this file is now with LPAT and the provincial government, the submission is no longer being processed by the City or its planners. For more information about LPAT and this file, please see https://www.omb.gov.on.ca/ecs/CaseDetail.aspx?n=PL190493.

I sincerely want to thank you for your involvement and passion on this application. I have made no secret of my lack of support for the development as it is currently presented, and I remain hopeful that LPAT will share my concerns about the current designs. I will continue to provide updates to the community as I receive them.