Exciting news: the LRT is now open!

It is incredibly exciting that the LRT Stage 1 is launching. With the initial public launch taking place over the weekend, riders will get the chance to become familiar with the Confederation Line, the trains, and the brand new stations.

However the real test is Monday, when thousands of OC Transpo riders will be taking their first commute into work and school. With that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to share some tools from OC Transpo which can help ease the transition on to the new LRT.

Rest assured that residents will have the plenty of opportunity to become familiar with the new system, and the existing bus routes will continue to run alongside the LRT until October 6. After that time, most of the routes through downtown will be discontinued, and new neighborhood routes will serve the surrounding communities and feed into the new LRT stations.

Route changes : https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/new-transit-service/my-route/

Neighbourhood services: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/my-trip/station-neighbourhoods/ottawa-east

Where to buy fare: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/fares-tickets/where-will-i-buy-my-fare/

LRT Station explorer: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/designed-with-you-in-mind/my-station/

Trip changes: https://www.octranspo.com/en/ready-for-rail/my-trip/how-will-it-change-my-trip/

Councillor to Table motion for additional Crossing guards

At today’s Transportation Committee, I will table a motion in support of the City of Ottawa funding all 16 warranted crossing guard positions as identified necessary by the City.

The City of Ottawa provides crossing guard services for children going to elementary schools at intersections that have met the criteria laid out by the Transportation Services Department with the City of Ottawa.

Today, I am asking that the City fund all the crossings that have met the necessary criteria, and warrant a crossing guard, as funding 10 out of the 16 locations seems to be a relatively arbitrary cut-off.

Community Townhall

Councillor Dudas will be holding a public community townhall regarding development application D02-02-19-0060, the upcoming proposal for the development of 3484 and 3490 Innes Road, by the Lépine Development Corporation.

Date: Wednesday, August 21
Time: 7:30 p.m. 
Location: Orléans Public Library, 1705 Orléans Blvd, Bériault room

Official Plan Workshop

Councillor Laura Dudas is hosting an Official Plan Workshop in partnership with the Rendez-vous des aînés francophones d’Ottawa (RAFO) and the City of Ottawa. Come share your vision for our city.

When: Wednesday, August 14
Time: 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Location: RAFO, 3349 Navan Road

Please RSVP to Laura.Dudas@ottawa.ca

Stage 2 LRT Project Update

July 22, 2019 to August 4, 2019


  • Preparatory activities (borehole drilling, top soil stripping, site office mobilization, preconstruction surveys, etc.) are currently underway on each O-Train extension to facilitate the commencement of Stage 2 construction activities in 2019.

O-Train Trillium Line South Extension

  • Borehole drilling between Greenboro Station and Bayview Station 
    • Borehole drilling is scheduled to occur at night between late-July and mid-August between Greenboro Station and Bayview Station. This work will occur at night while the O-Train Trillium Line is not in service to minimize disruptions to transit operations.
    • Some hydrovacing is required at each station for utility investigations.
  • Preparatory works at Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility
    • In coordination with OC Transpo Rail Operations, preparatory works such as surveying, clean up, trackwork and fencing are underway at the future site of the new Walkley Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility. 
  • Uplands Structures Yard set up
    • Light post installation is now complete. 
    • Crews will be connecting utilities to site trailers in preparation for occupation later this summer.
  • Jersey barrier installation
    • Crews will be installing jersey barriers overnight between late-July and mid-August at the following locations:
      • Airport Parkway
      • Uplands Drive
      • Lester Road
      • Leitrim Road
    • This work is scheduled to take place at night to minimize disruptions to local traffic.
  • Caisson drilling at future Trillium Line rail bridges
    • Caisson drilling is a method of creating structural foundations where boreholes are drilled and filled with concrete/reinforcing materials. These weight-bearing concrete columns (perhaps supplemented by steel cages or other reinforcements) can reach all the way down to the bedrock, providing for a much more stable base for large structures.
    • Caisson drilling is anticipated to begin later this summer in the following locations where new rail bridges will be constructed:
      • Airport Parkway
      • Uplands Drive
      • Lester Road
      • Leitrim Road
    • Crews have commenced construction of crane pads at all of the above locations to support upcoming drilling activities.
  • Crews have started to remove topsoil and lay gravel between Uplands Drive and the main Trillium Line. Excess soil is being trucked to the Bowesville/Earl Armstrong laydown site and stockpiled for future use. Once complete, crews will commence topsoil removal activities between Uplands Drive and Airport Station.
  • Noise and Vibration monitoring
    • Baseline noise and vibration monitoring is underway at properties near the Trillium Line alignment to ensure that construction and rail activities comply with applicable regulations and requirements.

O-Train Confederation Line East Extension

  • Borehole drilling is currently underway along OR 174 between Blair Road & Trim Road (night work).
  • Pre-construction surveys
    • East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity to the project. They will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to construction.
  • East day-to-day work yard set up (Montreal Road and OR 174)
    • Crews have completed the installation of the granular pad and fencing.
    • Utility work and site servicing to follow.
    • This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line East construction activities support temporary modular trailer complex, parking spaces and a day-today yard.

O-Train Confederation Line West Extension

  • Borehole drilling is currently underway in the following locations:
    • Lincoln Fields Station
    • Between Pinecrest Station & Connaught Tunnel
    • Bayshore Station
    • Lincoln Fields Tunnel Portal
    • West of Moodie Station 
  • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Cut and Cover Tunnel Preparatory Works
    • The Sir John A. Macdonald (SJAM) Parkway is shifting north to accommodate the space required to construct a cut-and-cover tunnel between Dominion Station and Cleary Avenue.
    • Crews have commenced preparatory activities to realign the SJAM by installing signage, fencing and temporary concrete barriers. 
    • Topsoil removal is underway. 
    • Roadworks are anticipated to begin in areas where topsoil removal has been completed.
    • Off-peak lane reductions between Dominion Avenue and Cleary Avenue are anticipated to occur until late October. Eastbound and Westbound traffic will be maintained at all times.
    • The City of Ottawa continues to coordinate with the NCC’s Public Affairs Office to provide appropriate public notification (signage, resident notices, web updates, etc.) 
  • West day-to-day work yard set up
    • Work has commenced to construct granular pad near Baseline Road and Navaho Drive/Transitway to support temporary modular trailer complex, parking spaces and a day-to-day yard. 
    • This site will be used for the coordination of Confederation Line West construction activities.
  • Building demolition
    • Building demolition is scheduled to occur in September 2019 within the project limits:
      • On the east side of Connaught Avenue between Severn Avenue and Hanlon Avenue (three houses) 
      • On Richmond Road, east of Cleary Avenue (one strip mall). 
  • Rochester Field Archeological Investigation 
    • In coordination with the NCC and local indigenous stakeholders, EWC is performing an archeological investigation at Rochester Fields. 
    • Once complete, work will commence to transition this location to a laydown area.
  • Pre-construction surveys
    • East-West Connectors (EWC) have retained DST Consulting Engineers to carry out a pre-construction survey of the homes and buildings located within close proximity to the project. As indicated in the east update, DST will be documenting properties to establish the existing conditions of the interior and exterior of buildings near the alignment, prior to the start of construction.

Stage 1 LRT reaches substantial completion

I have been advised that the City and Independent Certifier are in agreement on Stage 1 LRT reaching substantial completion. The update below highlights the criteria for a successful testing period, as well as the remaining activities in this project. I am pleased to hear of the progress made to date, and look forward to Innes ward benefitting from the long-awaited transit system upgrade.

Mise à jour sur l’étape 1 du TLR

Aujourd’hui, j’ai été mise au courant qu’OC Transpo a reçu une soumission du Groupe de Transport Rideau, qui, à leur avis, a pratiquement terminé le projet de train léger sur rail (TLR) de la phase 1.

L’état actuel du projet de TLR est que le train sera soumis à 12 jours d’essais rigoureux par un organisme de certification indépendant afin de s’assurer que le consortium de transport en commun corrige toute lacune.

Le but de l’essai sera de répondre aux questions suivantes :

  • Sécurité
  • Essais de fonctionnement (temps de déplacement en période de pointe et en période creuse)
  • Activités d’entretien
  • Performances du véhicule
  • Test des systèmes d’assistance à la clientèle

Au cours de cette période d’essai les trains ne circuleront peut-être pas sur les voies, mais des essais sont effectués sur d’autres parties du projet. À la fin de la période d’essai, si le projet est accepté, le GTR le remettra à la ville d’Ottawa pour qu’elle poursuive les procédures d’essai dans le cadre de son entente visant à assurer la disponibilité des services payants.

Ward office hours

Please note that during the summer months, my team and I are out and about in Innes Ward local parks and the community. My ward office will therefore be staffed intermittently. If you would like to meet, please set up an appointment by emailing Laura.Dudas@ottawa.ca or calling 613-580-2472.

Public consultation essential regarding Groupe Lépine development proposed for 3490 and 3484 Innes Road

Recently, the Groupe Lépine proposed a development for 3490 and 3484 Innes Road. This project would bring a level of density to Innes Road that is unprecedented in the area and would be a significant change to the existing design of the neighborhood.

While I recognize that rental accommodations geared towards older adults are needed in our community, and this project would help ensure that many seniors are able to stay in the community, a large-scale development such as this would nonetheless put massive pressure on our already overburdened road infrastructure. While many neighborhoods have grown or been added along the Innes Road stretch, there has not been matching growth in substantial arterial roadways and alternate routes to support them.

A project of this magnitude requires a significant amount of community input and a chance for residents to share their thoughts and concerns.

Right now, the City is asking for public feedback on the developer’s request to rezone the land to allow for more density. City staff will take this initial round of comments and share it with the developer after August 13, 2019.

Based on those comments, the developer will be asked by the City to make changes to address the community’s concerns, and to come back with an updated plan.

Residents will then continue to be asked for comments well into the fall, as City staff prepare their report.

This is a significant development being suggested for our community. Although the City does not require the developer to hold any public meetings in addition to the online consultation, I ran on a platform of ensuring smart infrastructure planning becoming the norm, and communities having a greater say in how future developments will shape their neighborhood. With that in mind, I will be organizing a meeting in early September for our community to pose their questions directly to the developer. It is important that we as residents have the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible, in order to provide an informed and honest response to the developer and the city.

I will be sharing details about the public meeting as soon as I have them. In the meantime, I ask that residents continue to send comments, whether good or bad, to the city planner, at Michael.Boughton@ottawa.ca.